Monochromatic feat Mr. Button

The Urban Tribalist


Well, spring is just around the corner and it’s definitely time to get rid of those fuzzy winter apparels and bring the short sleeves out into the open. Winter is finally on the verge to end, there’s only one thing left to do. Say goodbye sweaters and hello tees!

Monochrome has always been a favourite amongst the majority and there is no doubt that one can’t look good in them. It’s never too safe to play with black and white, the dual tone that brings freshness into the canvas. It is finally the start of something new, an onset to a new beginning and the first day of spring.

Today is the day where I re-launch my blog and it’s finally the start of a new chapter for me. I had decided to wear a monochrome outfit to portray a new journey with the things I love to do and express them in the way I want to style them.


The Urban Tribalist


The Urban Tribalist


The white textured tee I am wearing has got an amazing detail with a tactile horizontal surface design. The fit of the t-shirt is quite loose giving a more relaxed look to the body. I have tucked into the trouser which I had paired it with to show a comfort look with a pair of pants. The Cropped pants seem to look basic but it is definitely not! Minute details are the ones that create a distinctive style statement. The faux leather piping with the thread work at the back pocket gives more of a denim feel into it. The front on the other hand has the classic pleats defining a more formal look. The contradicting elements on a basic pair of trousers does seem to be quite impressive don’t you think?


The Urban Tribalist The Urban Tribalist


The look itself has so much into it that I did not bother to accessorize it with any other accessories other than a pair of white soled shoes. These pair of shoes has its own remark with a new set of fastening detail. These elasticated brogues have definitely created its own style statement that will for sure get some eye turners.


The Urban Tribalist


A simple look at glance but definitely a well detailed ensembles that can take you anywhere, be it at a party or a date night.

What I Am Wearing:

Tee- Forever 21

Cropped Trousers- Mr. Button

Shoes- Koovs
Photo credit- Sidhant Dhirsamant

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