The Urban Tribalist

Street style has always been an influential trend in today’s fashion. We draw inspirations from everything around us, what we see and what we have observed.  Different kind of fashion tribes has played different roles in street styles.  Last year, athleisure became the most followed fashion trend throughout the year and it is definite not going to die out anytime soon. The sporty fashion has brought a huge change in the fashion spectrum bringing sport ensembles as a part of day to day look.

The Urban Tribalist


I have always liked how loose fitted clothes looked on a body; comfort does seem to play its part here. I have put up an all black attire just to keep a more minimalistic look without ruining the essence of simplicity. There are several kinds of looks that we do not want to alter but focus on the little details that are present on the garments. I am more fascinated with the minute details we find on a simple piece on clothing rather than the once with loud over exaggerated surface work.

The Urban Tribalist

In this look, I have worn a black oversize longline tee with a curved hem and a yoke at the back. If you notice, tee shirts don’t normally have yokes at the back, we would normally find in woven shirts. If you have no idea what a yoke is, it’s the piece of fabric that is attached to a garment to provide a support to the other fabric pieces attached to it and to provide a proper fit for the garment. On shirts, back yokes usually extend from the shoulders up to the shoulder blades. We do not normally find yokes on T-shirts but this one does because there is a zipper detail at the back of the t-shirt. In order to support the weight of the metallic zipper at the back of the tee, the construction of the yoke is then provided.

The Urban Tribalist

I have teamed up this tee with a pair of joggers. These joggers are no basic joggers; it has the faux leather panel on both sides with a zipper detail at the cuffs.

The Urban Tribalist


This look can’t be completed without a pair of trainers. These kicks does make a statement on its own with the black and white camo print on it.

The Urban Tribalist

Just to enhance the look, I decided to add up a little accessory with finger rings, bracelet and a pair of sunglasses.

The whole ensemble gives a look with a distinct definition of sporty minimalism.


What I’m Wearing:

Tee- H&M

Joggers- Mr.Button

Trainers- Koovs

Accessories- Koovs

Sunglasses- Joe Black


Photo Credit- Sidhant Dhirsamant

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