Metro Athleisure feat RDKL-U

You know the feeling when it’s time to ditch those winter clothes but you still don’t want to? You still want to cling to that favourite sweater or that warm fluffy muffler? Well if you are, then you are not alone.  Winter wear has always been the favourite part of my wardrobe; I’d take the advantage to wear them at any time of the season.

After residing 5 years in the lovely city of pearls, I finally decided to go back to the place I call home- Shillong.  It is definitely a retreat for me to be back, I needed a doze of chilled weather, the smell of pine trees and definitely a cup of hot homemade tea. Shillong has got a pretty weird climate I must say, you can actually experience all the seasons in one single day. If you don’t believe me, then you just have to come and experience it on your own. If you have never traveled to Shillong, make sure that it’s in your bucket list! It’s definitely one of those go-to places that you must visit before you die. You’ll definitely fall in love with the uniqueness and beauty that it has to offer (I may sound biased but you just have to visit once in your lifetime! LOL)

Surprisingly, the winter season is not over yet!  People are still wrapping themselves with warm winter clothes. I guess some of us will just have to experience another month of cold weather. The cloudy sky, early summer rain and chilled air definitely did not let the sun shine its way through.

Take the chance to indulge yourself in those fuzzy apparels while you still can, especially when you hail from the hilly region.

Layering has always been a favourite of mine and I can’t get enough of it. The black and white shrug that I am wearing just simply compliments the weather. The relaxed fit of the shrug does give enough room for an inner shirt or tee shirt to be worn on the inside, the style is very smart with a shawl collar and the fabric is a knit so it’s very comfortable to wear.  Simplicity has always been at its peak when it comes to minimal fashion and this look does show it all.

I have teamed up this shrug with a pair of joggers to give a more comfy ensemble. I really like the fit of these joggers, though they are knitted but the elasticity of the fabric is very less so it gives a classier look instead of making it looking like it was worn to the gym.

Since I wanted the shrug to get the attention as it has an amazing texture, I decided to keep it basic with a crew neck black tee and to wrap it up, I had paired it with the monochrome camo printed trainers.

A simple look that accentuate comfy and classy in one outfit. Mix and match pieces if you want to explore different kinds of looks be it sporty or formal, the only way you’ll know that you will look great is went to try new things. Go ahead and put on your best look! Cheers!

What I’m Wearing:

Shrug: RDKL-U

Joggers: K-Active

Trainers: Koovs

Watch: Giordano

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