KISS X Blueberry

To make a fashion statement is not as easy as it looks, one will have to make an effort for an effortless look, don’t you agree? I’ve always kept in mind the basic principle- KISS( Keep It Simple, Stupid!) and I can assure you that you can get away with anything if you keep this in mind.

My style has always been simple and clean, leave the over dramatic for the runway. I’ve always been a fan of the classics, how can we forget that distinct James Dean’s look? From the quiff to the white tees, he has definitely created a huge impact in the youth fashion till today.

the urban tribalist

Basic has been quite influential to my everyday look. Believe me, basic is never boring as long as you know how to mix it up. A dash of accent to the outfit is all you need to look good.

Here is my take on basic fashion with a contemporary and personal touch. The loose and comfy fashion is very “in” right now and I honestly can’t get over it.

the urban tribalist

I usually prefer tucking the t-shirt or shirt into the trousers to accentuate the waistline and to break the divisions into two. What I have done here is pairing up two complimentary colours and creates a distinguishing look with an accent. Belts do play an important role in men’s fashion. Do I believe that it’s customary to always match your belt with your shoes? Yes I do. Imagine wearing a black leather belt, grey trousers and tanned oxfords? Horrible right? But hey! Not always does it have to match. It’s just a basic simple rule to follow.

the urban tribalist

the urban tribalist


The military grey tee has been teamed up with a grey dropped crotch trousers and it is fastened with a maroon nylon webbed belt. This look surely does sound odd but it definitely did some justice to the outfit. This look will look good with either a pair of sneakers or derby shoes; I decided to spice it up with a pair of fringed monk straps. Like I said, keep it simple and basic but with an accent.

the urban tribalist

What I Am Wearing:

Tee: H&M


Belt: Blueberry


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