Be Bold With AJIO

Summer has been that particular time of the year where you’d want to venture into the realm of vibrant colours. This season, it’s all about bringing the fresh bold colours into your wardrobe and leave those dark shades for the fall. From mustard to tangerine to cyan, these are the colours that are perfect for this season.

I’m sure you must be wondering, would guys ever want to wear such bright colours? Well I can tell you that any guy can pull off such colours for sure! I’ve always been that kind of a guy who loves wearing black and white, but experimenting with colours can totally change a single outfit entirely. Have you ever wondered how colour blocking plays a vital role in our lives? Like the choice of colours to paint your room or the colours of your clothes you choose out from your rack? Colours have their own unique representation of things to our eyes. It is scientifically proven that the choice of colours we pick for out outfits does reflect our personality, mood or behaviour. Well, I can’t really say that I believe in that but if you think about it, subconsciously it does.

the urban tribalist

Once you get to know how to play with colours; you can surely paint an amazing canvas in your wardrobe.

I’m sure you must have heard or read about the colour theory; it’s always good to pick the complimentary colours. It’s never advisable to match warm colours together and cold colours together but if you are explorative and confident enough to say that it does look good, then no one can argue with you on that. How you match it is entirely your choice and decision. What matter is how it looks on you and how appealing it is to others.

the urban tribalist

This look has definitely been the boldest look I’ve put on so far, I’ve never reached to a point that I would wear something bright but this summer sweatshirt definitely did change my idea and prospect on how an ideal man should look like. I honestly love the colour and the fabric of this piece, the simplicity in it got my attention. It surely is a powerful colour but it’s definitely the colour of the season.

The Urban Tribalist

Like I had mentioned it earlier, pairing two complimentary colours together does give an impact to the look, so I have decided to pair this amazing sweatshirt with a pair of navy blue pants. These trousers are my favourite pair and I’m not talking about the fit! The finishing of the trousers is remarkably well done, the trousers has an inner lining which was executed perfectly. The fit did make it feel like it was tailor-made. I honestly can’t wait to try out the next pair!

the urban tribalist

I wanted the look to be a little more subtle as it has already made a bold statement; I decided to pair it up with white mesh sneaks. This look definitely has its own voice, and let me tell you that it is loud! Go grab it while you still can!

Until next time! Cheers!

What I Am Wearing:


Trousers: The Grateful Thread


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