Shirts are man’s best friend. Agreed?

Do you realize how a single shirt can totally change from formal attire to a casual look? Every guy must own a few good collections of shirts. If you’re a shirt kinda guy you’d know the different kind of shirts available in the market, be it the fabric, the colour, the fit, the construction, technically everything. Details are important right? Experimentation of various kind of shirts is actually good. Why stick to the same old classic cotton/linen shirts? Why not wear something different when you can still get the same look and feel or even better?

the urban tribalist

I honestly love trying out new things, see how it looks and compare it with the other outfits. I always say, “You’ll never know how it’s gonna look until and unless you try it out!” Well I am sure that even you would agree to that. There are a lot more than just a plain old boring shirt, right now I am in love with this boxy fit artist shirt( it’s very similar to a kurta). It surely gives the Shakespearean look, it is like going back to the era of the romantics.

the urban tribalistthe urban tribalist

White shirt always look best! This shirt is pretty comfortable, the boxy fit does give room for the skin to breathe, though the fabric is rayon( synthetic fabric) the feel and the texture is quite good. The cut and sewn detail does give a unique construction to the shirt. The placket is extended midway down from the collar and the side slits just added more comfort to the shirt. I believe that certain shirts are meant to be tucked into the trousers but this one I’d rather let it loose.

The Urban Tribalist

I decided to pair this shirt with a plain black cropped pants and a comfy pair of black sneaks! This look definitely defines comfort with a more edgy look. Experimentation is always the key to something new! Sometimes what doesn’t seem good to you at the start will always end up looking amazing in a short period of time. Well, one thing I can tell you- Be adventurous and be experimental. So what are you waiting for?

Cheers and have an amazing day!

What I Am Wearing:

Shirt: Antiferro

Trousers: Mr.Button


Photographer: Anish Sarai

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  1. Iasuklin Siangshai May 9, 2017 — 6:26 am

    Quite an interesting elaboration about the white shirt, I like the look and will definitely suggest my brother to try this look. It looks cool and comfy. My first time reading your blog, even though I’m not a guy I kind of like your blogs.

  2. Love the write up and every detail on the short, from the texture to the cut.

  3. I like it how easy going the copy is. Sharp and to the point is the content here.
    Next time I’d like to see how you try a particular garment for various looks. Im Sure that’d be fun. Ciao!

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