Let It Loose

Fashion has always been a way of expressing oneself, do you agree? I love experimenting with different looks, trying out new trends, wear something odd, all that. I don’t think we should restrict ourselves from doing or wearing something that is too different or too bold, you should never let anyone tell you what to wear and what you should wear. No matter how tall you are, what size you wear or what skin tone you have, we are all beautiful in our own way. Being different is never a bad thing, some may think that being different is a way of standing out in the crowd, or something that is just too peculiar to take it seriously. Why should we let the society or anyone else define us? To be different will probably be the best thing when one realizes it, being unique is what that makes us different from the rest.

Few Tips:

1. Never be afraid of trying or doing something new

2. Be confident in everything you do or choose to do

3. Just simply do it

The Urban Tribalist

In this look, I’ve always wanted to try out these wide-legged cropped trousers but I never thought that I’d actually wear them because I was conscious about my body proportion. These trousers are not easy to pull off, it distorts your natural figure which may or may not suit you. I was quite indecisive on how to pair this look with to be honest. I wanted to play with the colours as well so I decided to try out this chartreuse 3/4th sleeve tee. What I like about this tee is that it has an extended mesh hem to give a little more street look.

The Urban Tribalist

The Urban Tribalist

Who knew that these two combos could look good together?

The Urban Tribalist

Sporty is my kind of look so it’s pretty evident that this outfit will go well with a pair of sneaks. These sneakers are pretty dope! The bladed soles and extended tongue just added a more futuristic look and I must say that I am totally in love with this killer beast. It’s definitely a predator and it’s on the run for a kill!

The Urban TribalistThe Urban Tribalist

What are your thoughts on this look?

Outfit Details:

Tee: X.O.Y.O

Trousers: Koovs.com

Sneakers: Marcello & Ferri

Photographer: Jeffrey Thomas

Do send me a feedback or leave a comment below if you like the look!

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  1. Your look clearly justify the term urban… Who would’ve thought men’s fashion can be chic and experimented..! Your style is personal yet influencing.. So keep it up.. Awesome job here.. 👌👍✊✌

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