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The urban tribalist

Hey guys! Have you ever thought of how colours play a role in everything including the temperature? Imagine wearing an all black outfit during the peak of summer! Yikes! Can you bear it? Colours do have their way to get adapt with everything everywhere. Summer is definitely that time of the year where you can experiment with colours! Bold and bright colours are definitely in but there’s nothing more better to cool off than pastel! Pastel has been an all time favourite and never goes out of fashion.

The urban tribalistThe urban tribalist

The looks that I’ve put up definitely has alot of edge and attitude. Minimal fashion with an urban touch? Can you see it? XD

Scientifically proven that light coloured clothes does make the body cooler and fresh. Don’t believe? Go ahead and try it!


Guys don’t wear pink you say? Come on! This is the new millennial! Colours don’t really reflect someone’s personality if you think about it. Guys who can pull off such bold colours are said to be more confident and extraversion. Isn’t it time to experiment these colours of the season?
Here I am wearing this amazing pastel peach tee with a slogan back print. Making style statements doesn’t really have to be bold and loud, sometime things that are more subtle and simple can stands out in the crowd. Monotone outfits have been quite the trend this season, you can see it from the runways to street style.

The urban tribalist



These pants are pretty because firstly, they are tailored; secondly, they are of the fabric of my choice and the texture is pretty amazing. It has a shine to it and the fabric is quite stretchable. It gives a luxurious feel but a more on the rougher side.

The urban tribalist

I had paired this outfit with a pair of black sneaks.  You must be wondering, a neutral look with a black pair of footwear? Pastel usually go well with neutral coloured shoes especially white but this time I wanted to mix it up. The back slogan of the tee was printed with a black ink which gives more of a bolder edge to it.  Hence I had matched the look with a pair of black sneakers.

The urban tribalist

To accessorize the outfit, I am wearing a curved beak baseball cap of the same pastel shade.

There are plenty of outfit of  pastel shades in the market for guys. Why don’t you go ahead and try them out?

What I Am Wearing:

Cap: Bravesoul

Tee: Spring break

Pants: Tailored

Shoes: Marcello and Ferri

Photographed by Jeffrey Thomas

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