Stay Comfy with Nordlich

Hey guys! How are you all doing today? Its almost the weekend but I kind of feel like staying in this time. I guess its just one of those days where you’d rather spend time at home than going out partying. A nice relaxed and chilled weekend is what we all need sometime, don’t we?

I’m sure we all like to go for comfy whenever we are at home, what doesn’t say comfy than a nice pair of Pyjamas? Yea you heard it right! Pyjamas! Those classic cotton wear where it was only meant to be worn indoors but No! This is the 21st century, I don’t think there are any rules of what and where it should be worn. I think we all have passed that era.

Fashion does speak volume and you can get away with anything.

the urban tribalist

the urban tribalist

the urban tribalist

the urban tribalistthe urban tribalist

So here I am trying to pull off my lazy loungewear into a street style look. Yup! From sheets to street right? LOL
These pair of Nordlich pyjamas are to die for I must say. I was quite impressed with the quality they provide in their merchandise. The fabric are skin friendly and breathable. Normally we would find that pyjamas have the attributes to be worn indoor only but Nordlich provides such amazing lounge wear pieces that you can actually pull off as a day look as well.

Well I’m here just trying to push that boundary when it comes to fashion. I think you should be experimental in all fields. There are no limits or restrictions whatsoever when you are trying out something new.

the urban tribalistthe urban tribalistthe urban tribalistthe urban tribalistthe urban tribalist

What do you think? Should we always stick with the social norm where one wears the same style like the others or would you prefer trying out something new that can be more innovative which might just turn out to be the next trend! Well its all upto you, however you wear or style your wardrobe pieces, make sure that you look good in them.  Simple as that!

the urban tribalistthe urban tribalistthe urban tribalist

Let me know what you think? I would love to know your inputs on this look.

So this is me signing off and until the next blog! See you soon and stay stylish!

What I Am Wearing:


Pyjamas: Nordlich

Do send me a feedback or leave a comment below if you like the look!

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